About Us

The InfiLaw System is a consortium that includes an independent network of ABA-approved law schools and companies that provide management solutions, new educational programs, and pioneering, technology-driven course delivery to law schools and higher education institutions nationally and internationally.   

InfiLaw's mission is to "establish the benchmark of inclusive excellence in professional education for the 21st Century." This mission is supported by three key pillars (1) centering on “serving the underserved,” (2) providing an education that is "student-outcome centered," and (3) graduating students who are "practice-ready." InfiLaw schools have a demonstrated ability to achieve superior outcomes that are a function of admission processes (which probe beyond traditional quality indicators and factor otherwise overlooked predictors of success) and programmatic innovation, academic support processes, and faculty focus on student success.

Within the consortium, InfiLaw administers core non-academic functions, provides support for academic programs, processes, and innovations, and assesses institutional performance and outcomes. It facilitates processes for identifying and implementing best practices and continuous improvement opportunities. The entire management team is committed to a culture grounded in personal humility and vulnerability-based trust. The organization models itself upon principles set forth by leading experts on productivity, employee engagement, personal growth and development, and process excellence.

Consortium schools operate as independent institutions and thus manage all academic programs and processes. Each is establishing itself as a regional center of excellence and governed by its own board of trustees.   

iVentures and InfiLaw Management Solutions are two portfolio companies dedicated to bringing disruptive best practices and  continuous improvement processes to help law schools and other higher education institutions build strong student outcomes.


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