InfiLaw Management Solutions: Our Mission

InfiLaw Management Solutions leverages the collective strength of our centralized non-academic services to drive performance through management services agreements (MSAs). Our goal is to build lasting relationships with law schools and universities whereby we focus on the administrative responsibilities, enabling our academic partners to focus their core academic program. We provide committed capital, marketing expertise, experienced leadership and customized technology to our partners. Our hybrid partnership programs are built on mutual respect, which provide the foundation for long-term institutional success. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Accreditation Support
  • Bar Preparation Programs
  • Career Services Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop Facilitation
  • Faculty & Staff Engagement
  • Management Engagement
  • Student Acquisition Programs
  • Student Engagement

Sample Engagement Overview

About Us

C. Peter Goplerud is the President of InfiLaw Management Solutions
Peter Goplerud is the President of InfiLaw Management Solutions. Prior to joining InfiLaw Management Solutions, he spent nine years as the dean at Florida Coastal School of Law and was formerly dean of Drake University Law School, University of Oklahoma College of Law and Southern Illinois University School of Law. Peter earned both his bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor from the University of Kansas and has co-authored books on sports law and water law and has written numerous law review articles. He also has extensive service with the American Bar Association, Association of American Law Schools, and the Law School Admissions Council. Peter serves on the board of directors of the Sports Lawyers Association and of the MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation.