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The educational experience is designed to facilitate superior outcomes, graduate students who are practice-ready, and arm them with the lawyering skills, judgment, management knowhow, and interpersonal competencies that enable them to compete effectively in a changing and challenging market environment.  At a time when legal education must adapt to significant changes in the legal profession, InfiLaw schools are pioneers in innovation that responds to emerging market realities and committed to providing students with a value proposition that warrants the investment of their time and energy.

Student-centeredness is a defining and differentiating aspect of InfiLaw schools.  It is manifested by faculty availability, mentoring, and prioritization of student learning and success in the classroom, on the bar examination, and in their careers.  The schools' faculties are populated by persons who have extensive practice experience.  They have been recruited and appointed on the basis of ability to share their knowhow and be effective role models and sources of inspiration for their students.  InfiLaw schools consistently score above the average in national student engagement surveys.  Our schools have been nationally recognized and ranked as Top 10 or Top 20 law schools with respect to moot court programs and diversity.

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